Send epub to kindle, book autocomplete on ISBN and search in Chinese

Nov 01, 2019
34k görüntülemeler


Today we have 3 updates on the agenda. The first update is for Kindle users. As you know, epub files are not available for sending to the Kindle, but we listened to your suggestions and made it possible to convert epub and send it to your Kindle. To do this, use the button next to the "Download" and select the format you need. There will be 2 options: download the file or send it to the Kindle. However, remember that for the conversion option there is a limitation on the file size: no more than 5 Mb.

The next update will be useful for those who are actively uploading books and who offer corrections. It will allow you to automatically fill in book information using only ISBN! The missing information will be downloaded from various online sources. Please note this option only works with empty fields and you need to specify ISBN10/13. Unfortunately, we have not yet decided how to clearly and briefly call this option, maybe you will have ideas? Waiting for your suggestions in the comments.

And finally, the good news for Chinese users! We made it possible to search in Chinese. We hope this update will greatly facilitate your search for the necessary books!

Happy Halloween!


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R. David Lankes